CA063M LMG Support Gun


The Classic Army CA063m support gun…


This Classic Army Airsoft version of the New KAC LMG is a beautiful rendition in 1 to 1 scale of an effective SAW used by the Danish Military and many PMC forces around the world. The original Stoner LMG is billed by KAC as the lightest 5.56mm machine gun. It weighs 4.5kgs, making it one of the worlds lightest man-portable LMG’s and has a length of 90cm. The Stoner LMG is belt-fed, gas operated, air-cooled, and fully automatic, firing at a rate of 550 rounds per minute.

The quad rail comes pre-equipped with handguards on both the 9 and 3 o’clock positions and a vertical grip to allow you to comfortably hold the weapon when shooting on the move. As the receiver has rails the weapon is actually very versatile – it can be used at range to suppress enemies and force them to stay in cover, or could be used up close with a red dot sight to defend a position or simply as a typical run and shoot primary weapon and is good to go right out of the box with it’s amazing features and muzzle velocity.

The Classic Army SAW series of airsoft rifles live up to the Classic Army reputation and come ready to withstand the abuse of the battlefield. Internally this weapon is just as sound as it is externally – the gearbox features 8mm steel bearings allowing for a smooth gear rotation adding to the speed at which it fires, all the gears are naturally extremely high-quality metal, with a metal toothed piston to help prevent any stripping – the QD spring is also quick change making it incredibly practical to lower the FPS for indoor or “up close” games. This model is 11.1v lipo ready and includes a 1200 Rounds Electric Box to get the job done, swiftly, efficiently and without fault.


Length: 815 to 900mm
Weight: 4.6kg unloaded.
Battery Type: Small Type connector
Magazine Capacity: 1200rd x 6mm
Materials: Metal and ABS
FPS: Average 330 – 380 FPS
Gearbox Type: Advanced 8mm Bearing Bushing Gearbox
Shooting Mode: Full auto
Inner Barrel Length: 410mm
Outer Barrel Threading: 14mm CCW


NIMH and Lithium Polymer (LiPo) batteries that run low on power will not provide sufficient voltage to power the gun. The ETU will detect low voltage batteries and shut off the flow of power to the gun. This protects the battery from over-draining and the gun from internal damage. The gun will not function until the battery is replaced with a freshly charged battery or one with sufficient voltage.


When a battery is connected and the trigger is pulled FOUR (4) times without turning over the motor, the ETU will shut off the flow of power to the gun. The gun will not function until the battery is disconnected and replaced. If this shut off continues to occur, then there is a malfunction with the battery or the guns internal components.


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