G36Z Spring Revolver



G36Z Spring BB Revolver from Galaxy Airsoft, this is the G36 revolver from Galaxy, a spring powered revolver with a classic look. It is a full size 1:1 scale reliable airsoft gun made by our friends at Galaxy Airsoft. This G36 is manufactured in durable resin plastic with internal metal parts, and we at JBBG are are supplied the UK legal two-tone black and blue colours which have been carefully balanced in colour so that the main body and grip is blue, and the barrel, trigger, hammer and rotating chamber remains black. The Galaxy G.36 revolver BB gun is a reliable heavyweight 6 round shooter which features a realistic revolving chamber, and spring powered working hammer trigger. The pistol has a front blade and rear notch sight, and the G.36 revolver will shoot at a velocity of up to 250 fps with 12g BBs. The G36 is loaded just like a real revolver by inserting a 6mm BB pellet into each shell casing, then the individual shell casings are inserted into the revolver chamber making the gun very realistic to use. We recommend only using polished 6mm Bulldog Airsoft BB Pellets with this outstanding revolver.


  • Full-size spring powered airsoft BB revolver
  • UK legal two-tone black and blue colours
  • ABS anti-shock plastic
  • Spring powered with realistic working hammer trigger
  • Front blade and rear notch sight
  • Velocity up to 250 Fps with 12g BB
  • Mag capacity: 6 rounds in the chamber
  • A realistic rotating cylinder chamber
  • Supplied with 8 shell casings
  • Overall length 29.5cm
  • Moulded hand grip
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