Nuprol 80W Smart charger


NUPROL 80W smart airsoft battery charger.


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This Nuprol airsoft battery charger is a smart charger, meaning that the charger automatically charges and cuts off when the battery is full. This charger features an LCD display screen which allows you to configure the charger to your perfect settings, as well as see information about the battery as it charges and any errors which may occur. The charger itself has many high-end features, with the ability to charge a wide range of battery and support many operations required to maintain them as well.

This charger features an internal lithium battery balancer which allows the charger to detect individual cell voltage so there is no need to connect an external balancer before charging and automatically stops balance charging each individual cell when they are full or if an abnormal cell voltage is detected. This charger has the ability to detect the delta-peaks of the battery whilst they are being charged, meaning that the charger will automatically stop once the battery is full, or the charge limit is exceeded for that battery type. A time limit can also be set to prevent the charger from infinitely charging. This charger has an internal memory meaning that settings and options can be stored on the unit to save time entering information next time you come to charge your battery. Data for up to five battery can be stored inside the units internal memory and can be recalled easily without the use of any specialist program.

This charger comes with a selection leads and cables for charging many configurations of the battery. At the most basic level, the charger outputs to a deans connector, but if your battery does not come with a deans connector the set comes with adaptors to allow connection to JST, Mini JST, Mini Tamiya and even crocodile clips and a 3.5mm power jacks. There is also a side port allowing the connection of balanced cables for LiPo and LiFe battery, with an adaptor which allows the connection of battery which has between 2 and 6 cells.

This charger comes with both an input and output for crocodile clips, meaning you can buy an aftermarket car battery or large cell battery and charge it using the charger, then on away days or at outdoor sites you can then power the charger with that battery and charge your batteries in the field or in the safe zone at your local site. This charger is perfect for any Airsoft skirmisher or shooter who is looking for a charger which does absolutely everything.

Package Includes

  • Nuprol 80W Smart Charger
  • Plug Socket Power Cable
  • Crocodile Clip Power Cable
  • 7 Pin Balance Port to 2S – 6S
  • Power Output to Deans Cable
  • Deans to Crocodile Clips Adaptor
  • Deans to JST Connector
  • Deans to mini-JST Connector
  • Deans to Mini Tamiya Adaptor


  • NUPROL Smart Charger
  • Charges LiPo, LiFe, LiOn, LiHV, LiLo, NiMh, NiCd and PB batteries
  • Charges every type of battery you’ll ever need for Airsoft
  • Internal lithium battery balancer
  • Individual cell balancing and monitoring
  • Delta-peak sensitivity to protect the battery and charger
  • Automatic current charging limit
  • Capacity limiter
  • Optional temperature threshold detection
  • Charge time limiter
  • Input power monitoring
  • Data storage/load thanks to onboard memory
  • Cyclic charging and discharging
  • Adaptors for a wide range of battery connector types
  • Supports 2-6 cell LiPo and LiFe battery
  • Internal cooling fan
  • Internal power supply, with no need for an external power brick
  • Large easy to use buttons
  • A visual LCD display screen
  • Supports 100-240 AC input
  • Supports 11-18v DC input
  • Charge power of 80W
  • Max discharge power of 10 watt
  • 0.1A – 6.0A charge current range
  • Supports PB battery between 2v – 20v
  • Detailed warning and error display
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