HGA199 Full Auto Gas Pistol


The HGA199 is an Airsoft replica of the Beretta M92 pistol also known as the M190 Special Force. This is a full-auto GAS airsoft metal pistol with a good FPS of 310 and a hard blowback system.


The HG199 airsoft pistol from HFC is a Beretta 92 style pistol also known as the M190 Special Force. This gun is an extremely popular pistol boasting some amazing features for an incredibly low price. This pistol was designed using the same internal workings as Tokyo Marui’s very reliable M92F series of gas blowback pistols. This means that this pistol features amazing reliability, a great internal design; superb performing fixed hop-up. The gun also has a fully functional safety catch and disengages the trigger when activated; it is also completely ambidextrous which is perfect for both right and left-handed operators; it can be used by both very easily.

This pistol also features a two-stage double action hammer, which can be manually cocked, either part way or fully back to offer a shorter and lighter trigger pull. The disassembly of the pistol also replicates that of a real Beretta M92F series pistol, using the same disassembly lever and process. This makes it very simple to perform regular maintenance such as lubrication of the key working parts. The performance and action of the HFC M190 is powerful and smooth. The standard 26 round HFC magazine included is almost an exact replica of the Tokyo Marui M92F series magazine with only minor differences in the markings. This allows complete compatibility across the makes which is always a useful feature. The user manual offers basic but clear operational and disassembly instructions including well thought out pictures along with English instructional text. This pistol also has a great high-quality hard plastic case, this case is filled with foam that tightly clamps anything inside when the case is closed.

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