The UTG (M56A FIXED STOCK) M3 shotgun is modelled after the well-known Marui M3 Shorty which has been in service for several years.


The UTG (M56A FIXED STOCK) M3 shotgun is modelled after the well-known Marui M3 Shorty which has been in service for several years. These unique pump action shotguns fire three BBs in one shot so these are actual airsoft “shotguns” and not just single shot airsoft guns that look like shotguns. This multi-shot capability is accomplished by three separate barrels inside of the shotguns main outer barrel. Other multi-shot shotguns use just one inner barrel so the velocity and range of the BBs are far from consistent. When the UTG M3 shotgun is fired it sends three BBs streaking towards your target in spread pattern capable of taking out multiple targets. The barrels are mated to a honeycomb of three pistons which are powered by dual overlapping main springs so each BB travels at the same velocity. They leave the barrel in a tight group no wider than a penny and gradually spread out for a real scattergun effect. Because of this they are not the best at long range engagements but will unleash havoc in close quarter scenarios. The tightness of the spread can be varied by changing the weight of the BB. For a widespread use 0.20g BBs and for tighter spreads use the heavier .25g BBs.

Constructed out of heavy duty ABS with metal parts this shotgun is extremely solid. They used very few lead weights in this gun so it may be lighter than you would expect however do not let this fool you. The M3 is built like a tank. The pump action fits closely to the guide rails and is anchored to two metal action bars so when you rack the forearm it goes straight back without any flex. The butt pad, forearm and pistol grip also have a nice rubber like coating on them for extra grip. Metal parts include the magazine tube, front sling mount, loading gate, trigger and rear sling mount.

Its magazine looks exactly like a 12ga shotgun shell and is good for 10 x 3 shots. The shell is inserted into the loading port just forward of the trigger. True to its real steel, fire spitting counterpart, the UTG M3 packs a serious punch. Each BB is fired at 275 fps with the combined kinetic energy of 2.1 Joules. Needless to say, this shotgun is devastating at close range.

Overall the UTG M3 is a solid, well-built shotgun. With its massive power and multi-shot capability, it is sure to become your next spring gun.

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