SRC 4 Inch Titan Full Metal CO2 Airsoft Revolver


This is the 4-inch TITAN full metal airsoft revolver…


This TITAN series has a 4-inch barrel and is full metal construction, with a moulded grip for easy loading cartridges. We think this airsoft revolver is one of the best we have seen. To operate this revolver you will need Co2 Cartrages and high quality polished 6mm BBs. This revolver is CO2 powered and has a six shots double action, a swing out cylinder design, push cylinder release to swing out cylinder, a pull cylinder release to switch to safety, metal and plastic construction. It has an alloy frame and adjustable rear sight comes with alloy outer barrel with a front sight. It comes with Metal cylinder and ejector rod which can hold SIX shells. The plastic grip covers with “SRC” marking, it also has a metal trigger, hammer and cylinder release.

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